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New Here.

Hey folks.

New here to this comunity.

My real name is Patrick, my lj name is Stoutwalker (you can call me Stout).

I started in theatre when I was 9 or 10, my older sister was involved in her High School drama club, and my dad would get drafted to help build scenery, so he would take me along and let me mess things up. I enjoyed it, so when I was in JHS and HS I acted and build scenery/hung lights/set up sound for school productions.

In college (a small community school on Long Island, NY) I majored in theatre. There I also built scenery, served as a stage electrician, sound operator, and as an actor. I also started costuming, painting, prop making/handling and doing the stagehand thing.

When I left college, I worked in a regional theatre on Long Island as a carpenter/prop maker/light tech/sound tech/stage hand (we had a small budget, and a smaller crew). I worked there for four years, as a full time employee, till I decided on a career change.

The career change (that lasted five years, and spanned three different careers) showed me that theatre was waht I needed to do in order to be happy, so I am now in the process of going back.

In january, my wife and I are relocating to Eastern Tennesse, to open a small thatre with a few friends from college/regional theatre.

There I will be the TD, and Iam sure that I will be drafted to walk the stage a few times as someone else.

I am here to get back in touch with what I love, to meet other folks who work with props and work backstage, and who aren't afraid of the dark.

So, I guess that's about it for me.

Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions about me, or what I have done in the past, or anything really.

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